Friday, 23 November 2012


"Hola. Me llamo Jane Lane, student, artist, committed young person. My mission: to create broad, sweeping works that comment insightfully on the human condition. Or watch TV, whichever's easiest."

I'll be honest, I never watched Daria when I was a kid in the 90s. I think it might've been a bit mature for me at that time. I was more into cartoons like Thundercats, Power Rangers and TMNT - pure animated action!

Recently, I've caught a few rerun episodes of Daria on MTV and I find the cynical, sarcastic exchanges between Daria and her best friend Jane Lane very amusing. I don't think I had such a jaded outlook on the world when I was a teenager.

What I love about this show especially is how everything is sooo 90s. From the angsty rock theme tune to the grungy style of its main characters, it's a blast from the not so distant past.

Jane Lane is definitely the edgier of the two in terms of style with her razor sharp jet black haircut, cartilage piercings and grungy clothing.

I really enjoyed interpreting Jane's look through my own illustration style.