Thursday, 20 January 2011


This is an illustration I did for Amelia's Magazine to accompany an article on Herefordshire-based ethical fashion designers, Pretty Rubbish.

According to their website, "Pretty Rubbish is a partnership between Victoria Geary and Rebecca Griffiths, two textile designers who are passionate about the influence of sustainability on design and fashion. They focus on recycling old textiles into funky new clothing, accessories and objects of beauty."

I've been a fan of Amelia's Magazine for a long time and I jumped at the opportunity to do an illustration for them. For this illustration, I wanted to convey the mood of a windy autumn day with the colours of the leaves in the background mirroring the colour of the Pretty Rubbish jacket.

This is the first time an illustration of mine has been featured anywhere so I'm really excited about it!

Check out the Amelia's Magazine article here and have a look at the Pretty Rubbish website here.

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  1. this is lovely! great article to illustrate for too :)

  2. thanks rachel! yes pretty rubbish clothing is so lovely! :)

  3. Her lips reminds me of angelina jolie, beautiful.
    johanna, sweden

  4. Hi..
    Just wanted to say I love your work.Found your blog on the company website...xx


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