Thursday, 13 January 2011


Don't you just hate it when you're trying to remember the name of someone you've heard of before and you just keep drawing a blank? Well that's what happened to me last week when I was trying to remember the name of Renee Perle. For some reason I thought her name was something like Cecile or Celia (nooo I idea how I got that!) and all I could remember about her was that she wore T-shirts and stacks of bangles. The name search yielded no results (as it was so fantastically off the mark), so I decided to search for '1930s stacked bangles' and lo and behold, there was a photo of Renee Perle. Cue sigh of relief.

Renee Perle was the Romanian muse of Jacques Henri Lartigue, a prominent French photographer in the 20th century. I first found out about her when I came across a photo spread in Vogue Germany that was inspired by her sense of style. With her T-shirts, armfuls of bangles, wide legged trousers and large hats, she had a unique style which was very modern for its time. After finding out about Renee Perle again and going through numerous photos of her, I decided to create this piece which is inspired by her dark, mysterious features and beautiful clothing style.

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  1. Amazing and beautiful :)
    I have a suprise for you in my new post :)
    love, johanna

  2. Danielle,

    thank you for sweet words on my blog and hey! you totally guessed right - i IS Nicky Minaj i'm working on right now. Isn't she something?

    Best of luck, lets stay in touch!


  3. I do that as well when I am trying so hard to remember someone's name...especially an artist. Well...your artwork is fantastic and I think you are extremely talented!!

  4. thanks so much everyone!

    Leon - she is indeed, very theatrical!

    Shayla - it is frustrating isn't it hehe, thanks so much love! i really appreciate it :)


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